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Tidbits of Township News! (6/8/18)

Tidbits of Township News:

* The sign in front the Pierce Road fire station tells us from January through June 6, 2018 (updated daily), our Fire/Rescue Department answered 273 calls. Great job, Morton * Volunteers! and Thank You!

See you at the Fire Department Open House Saturday, June 30th, 10:00 - 1:00.

* The "new" bridge over the Little Muskegon River on Buchanan has provided us all with sometimes nearly airborne thrills since it was completed. I have talked with Tim Nestle, County Road Commission Manager (MCRC), more than several times during the last year about what, if anything, could be done to fix the problem. Tim has told me because that project was funded with a Federal grant, he had no recourse to get the problem at the bridge entrances fixed. But he would keep working on it. Earlier this week, however, Tim told me in 2019 that entire stretch of Buchanan from Four Corners to 90th Avenue is on the schedule to be paved over and the bridge entrances will be fixed, too. Bike lanes are also to be added on both sides. Thank you, Tim!

* Morton's Recreation Committee is making great strides toward several hiking/biking trails being opened yet this summer. Two biking trails nearly available right now are on 90th Avenue north to 12 MiIe Road from the Conley's Bakery/Family Dollar intersection with M20 and on 80th Avenue north from M20 to the Senior Center. I say "nearly available" because striping bike lanes and installing the proper signage for both trails remains to yet be completed.  Please watch for announcements as to when these trails are ready for use.

* These two biking trails are the first parts of a very exciting trail system this Committee is developing. For example, an offer has been made to CSX Railroad to purchase abandoned railroad bed sections "behind" the VFW ball fields in Mecosta.

* Recyclers taking advantage of new Wednesday recycling hours have been 54 cars the first Wednesday and 52 cars this Wednesday. We have also added a second Cardboard Only bin. It still amazes us how much cardboard comes in each recycling day. Two bins for cardboard, however, takes a great deal of pressure off filling the larger bin.

Thanks for listening!

Dick Wheeler, Supervisor Morton Township