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For Sale: Accepting Bids for Commercial Pumper Truck


MORTON TOWNSHIP is accepting bids for the purchase of a used, low mileage vehicle removed from Fire Department service because it no longer meets the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  This vehicle is a Pierce commercial pumper on an International Model #2674 Chassis, designated as a 1993 model with a 260 hp Cummins Diesel engine and an odometer showing 38,928 miles. The vehicle has been replaced because the Waterous CSY, 1250 GPM Pump failed testing and the 1000 gal. steel water tank leaks from corrosion.

The Township will not provide any implied or express statement on the condition of any vehicle.  Buyer must determine value as this vehicle will be sold in an as is condition and no warranty as to condition is made and the Township will accept no liability for any situation involving this vehicle following passage of the title. A minimum bid amount of $5,000.00 must be submitted to be considered.  Bidders are encouraged to contact Fire Chief Allen Sutherby at 231-629-2569 for further details and instructions.

Bid Sheet & Instructions

Pictures of Truck