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James Madison

Thank You Morton Township Fire Department!

Supervisor Wheeler,

I would to commend your Fire Department and Chief Sutherby. On the night of January 16th, My step father was driving home from a friends when he lost control of his truck and got stuck in a ditch. He then decided to exit his vehicle and walk home a short distance. The road conditions and the ground conditions as you are aware completely covered in ice. Once he left his vehicle he quickly discovered that he was unable to walk through the snow/ice or on the ice covered road. At some point he ended up on the ground where he estimates being on the frozen ground for at least an hour where he became hypothermic.   My mother decided to go look for Roger in her car after he had not returned home.  She then discovered Rodger on the road in the middle of a valley and was able to get him into her car.  She then contacted 911 through On-Star who stayed on the phone with her until emergency responders arrived on scene. Your FD personnel were very professional and reassuring to my mother and Rodger. While the FD personnel and the ambulance company provide medical care for Rodger. The FD personnel drove my mother in  her car to her house and allowed her to get things to go to the hospital. Chief Sutherby  then knowing that my mother was to upset and needed to be with Roger took it upon himself to drive her to Big Rapids (even with the horrible road conditions). The first call I received from my mother was hard to understand because she was very distraught and concerned about possibly losing her husband and having to drive the ice covered roads to the hospital.  The second call she made to me she was with the Chief and had calmed down. Obviously the Chief had  reassured her that things would be okay and took the stress of driving away from her.  Being several hours away it is always hard to receive calls like this and not be able to be there for her. But have to say it was an incredible feeling to know that not only Rodger but my mother was being cared for by the Chief and his personnel.

Chief Sutherby and his personnel went above and beyond their call for duty that evening. In the fire service sometimes we focus on the patient and forget to be there for the family member of those in trouble. Obviously, this did not happen Monday night. The Citizen of Morton Township  and the Township Board should be proud to call Chief Sutherby their Chief.

Respectfully,  Deputy Fire Chief Matt Covey

Waterford Regional Fire Department