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Primary Election News

Morton Township Recycling Program





Fire Fighters / EMT Monument Project Update!

Progress photos on the Fire Fighters / EMT Monument Project!  The work continues in the welding lab at Ferris State University.   Welding Engineering Technology students, Steve Bajcer and Kaleb Parsch, work to assemble the body forms. 

We have received $10,000 in donations, but still need your help to reach our goal of $15,000, which is the cost to fabricate and install the sculpture monument.  If you haven’t already donated, would you consider partnering in this important community project?

Survey Results Are In!

The results of the Morton Township property owners survey is complete. The Economic Development Committee would like to thank all the residents that took the time to complete and return the questionaires.  The final report of the survey findings is attached here.  A copy is also available at the Morton Township Hall for viewing.

Thank You Morton Township Voters!

Your Morton Township Board thanks the large number of Township voters who said “Yes” to our Proposals for our Fire Department.  Your continued support for an excellent service to our community is appreciated by your Board, your Township Fire Commission, Fire Chief Allen Sutherby, and the 30-some volunteers who protect us so well.

All of these people worked hard to prepare and present two valid, accurate and responsible proposals to keep our Fire and EMS services the highly trained and properly equipped services they are. 

Recent Tidbits Of Information To Be Shared!

From Supervisor, Dick Wheeler

Recent tidbits of information to be shared:

1.     Morton Township Recycling program collected 92 tons of materials in 2014 and 104 tons in 2015, an increase of about 13%;

2.     In Tuesday’s election: Precinct #1 (Township offices) processed 426 voters, Precinct #2 (Fire Hall) processed 442 voters, and for Precinct #3 629 absentee ballots were issued, 597 of those ballots were returned to be counted for a vote;

Tree Removal on Buchanan

Some of you have asked about the trees being removed on Buchanan. Yes, cutting down those roadside trees is "pre-construction" work before replacing the bridge.

In addition, that bridge work is now scheduled to start right after Labor Day 2016.

Thanks to the Mecosta County Road Commission for listening to our local merchants who asked that the construction not begin until after Labor Day in order to not disrupt their customer traffic the entire summer.

Dick Wheeler, Supervisor Morton Township

Thank you Morton Township Fire & Rescue!

Dear Dick Wheeler,

Recycling Update - September 15, 2015

(1). Republic, our recycling hauler, will not accept certain items, e.g. food particles like pizza boxes or medicinal containers and syringes. While our Recycling Crew is very good at spotting and rejecting items not allowed by Republic, imagine their dilemma when black trash bags are brought to them. Their options are to reject the black bags completely or slow down the entire Recycling operation when at least  two Crew members are assigned to open the black bags and sort through the bags for unacceptable materials.

DVD Available

The Mecosta-Morton Area Historical Society has a DVD available.  Anyone interested can purchase one for $15.00 or two for $25.00.  Email or call (231) 972-8042.  The dvd is 29 minutes long and is narrated by local residents.